♫♪  8ulentina - TTM:009

This is DANCE MIX WATCH. I’m posting the best mixes coming in right now.

DMW #4 comes from Oakland based DJ and producer 8ulentina (whose name comes from legendary Turkish trans singer Bulent Ersoy) via Watford/Paris based Tobago Tracks (who will release something from 8ulentina in the near future!). Mixing their own productions with Middle Eastern dance music, American R&B, & intense drum tracks from the UK to Mexico, 8ulentina’s unprecedented taste and ability to weave extremely different tracks together with ease creates an experience that is as intense (and almost violent) as it is soothing (like a tough, rough exfoliant). Oakland/LA based artist Kehlani stands out here- that voice on tracks “Jealous” and “Act A Fool” take the mix to a heavenly next level. 8ulentina seems to be flexing on a new type of world music- while influences can be traced to artists like Nguzunguzu, 8ulentina’s ability to make dramatic cuts while still maintaining a groove provides a less linear experience. We travel through time, space, and culture with every new track- leaving what we just had and finding something completely new. A futuristic experience without relying on ‘futuristic” sounding beeps and lasers.

• 8ulentina: https://soundcloud.com/8ulentina
• Tobago Tracks: https://soundcloud.com/tobago-tracks

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