♫♪  A. G. Kush - Nu Jack Schwag

There’s something insatiable about first-times. Enough that it’s a necessity to try and repeat it. Sometimes, repeat it every night. Most days, in the morning, afternoon, drive home, cooking dinner, and before bed. It’s (un)healthy mentally, right? But what is this now, ritual? Is it eating or masturbation or whistling or smoking? Is it a good combination of all four?

The rouse of PC Music popped up for me toward the end of 2013. Then back tracking made the collective’s existence seem pliable and intimate and mysterious. But is it fading now? Do we all really give a shit still about hyper-collectives beginning and fading? Because if we do, it’s about time that PC Music sorta began their own forum and/or called it an online venue.

This is the time to SHINE with acts like A.G. Kush. Just like vaporwave had shit like FLORAL SHOPPE 2, and the 90s fucked with Ween, PC Music and Manicure are getting the A.G. Kush/Pedicure act. But the best part is that it’s not a fucking gimmick or tossed together. Legit made by the Treasure Hunt[er] himself (Myles Byrne-Dunhill), A.G. Kush leads the troupe of Pedicure Records producers with their first release Nu Jack Schwag, three tracks that are clumped into the most whistlable out of the handfuls of previous works he’s already done.

My favorite is “Kush You Eyes.” Find your favorite below:

• A.G. Kush: https://soundcloud.com/agkushmsmsmsm
• Pedicure Records: https://soundcloud.com/pedicure-records

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