♫♪  Aaron Dilloway / Jason Lescalleet - “Burning Nest”

Something wicked this way comes. It’s like the ambient noise that plays behind the creature cam shots in Evil Dead falling out of your television in slow motion. And coming from two artists praised so highly for their ability to create these atmospheres within a live setting, it makes sense to consider “Burning Nest” from a visual point of view, rather than one formed by opinions. I’m talking about actually seeing the “wall of sound”: a black mass flooding from the speakers like blood from the elevator in The Shining. The way screams sound from inside the gelatinous ooze of The Blob as it slowly approaches all those dumb enough to walk, rather than run, from it.

It makes sense alongside these horror film descriptions because, in a sense, this is horrifying stuff. Its tension rises slowly, as screams and cries echo outward and fall, allowing us only brief moments to hear our own frantic breathing under the shadow of approaching dread. And this is just an excerpt. Can’t wait for the sequel.

Listen to “Burning Nest” below, and buy the full Grapes and Snakes collaboration album from noisemakers Aaron Dilloway and Jason Lescalleet over at PAN.

• PAN: http://pan-act.com

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