♫♪  Aaron Dilloway & Kevin Drumm - I Drink Your Skin

It’s time to kick Jay out of the apartment. You’ve known this since the moment last week when he called your other roommates, named Giant Pile of Aaron Dilloway Physical Media and Giant Pile of Kevin Drumm Physical Media, “useless wastes of space” that “take up two whole rooms, and for what?” You’re pretty sure Giant Pile of Aaron Dilloway Physical Media didn’t hear anything, but Giant Pile of Kevin Drumm Physical Media has been unusually quiet all week long. Yesterday, you found the Sheer Hellish Miasma 2xLP eMego reissue just lying in the middle of the bathroom floor, all depressed-like. This can’t go on any longer.

You realize what you need to do: replace Jay with a new roommate. Someone who understands. But who? You remember that Dilloway’s Hanson Records just reissued the long out-of-print Dilloway/Drumm collaboration cassette I Drink Your Skin on CD.

You listen as Dilloway snatches bits of a Drumm session — originally delivered to him on a mini-disc “caked in spilled coffee” — and funnels them through his 8-track into looped oblivion. You hear Drumm repurposing Dilloway’s gnarled manipulations of English prog band Renaissance into his own odyssey of hiss. You order seven of the 500 copies of I Drink Your Skin and lay them out on the coffee table when they arrive. You introduce your new roomie to the old one before you send him packing: “Burgeoning Pile of Physical Media Featuring Both Drumm and Dilloway in Collaboration means more to me now than you ever have, Jay.” He walks out. Domestic equilibrium restored. The family is complete.

• Hanson Records: http://hansonrecords.bigcartel.com

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