♫♪  Abby Lee Tee - Herbert’s Archive

Abby Lee Tee is a Linz-based producer who also dabbles in the world of field recordings. Herbert’s Archive, his newest collection released by LA label Dinzu Artefacts, is a collage of obscure sounds: of clanking and squeaking, burbling and trickling, gurgling and sizzling, crackling and spraying… Even though it’s often hard to identify their original sound source, these recordings are extremely evocative. Natural rhythms appear for short periods, then dissipate forever. Water streams flow and bubble, while “small-clawed otters, corncrakes and other fauna” contribute too. Abby Lee Tee arranges and conducts this wide range of sounds with an impeccable narratorial instinct, and while Herbert’s Archive is short, it manages to sail across a whole world of unexplored sonic territory.

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