♫♪  Abstract Rude & Myka 9 - AyeM Ray-DIO

Hip-hop isn’t jazz, but if it were, Myka 9 (a.k.a. Micah 9, Mika 9, Mikah Nine, Mikah-9, Mikah9, Mycah9, Myka Nine, Myka Nyne, Mykah 9, Mykah9) would be Charlie Parker. And I say this not just because it’s something catchy I heard in the Project Blowed/Good Life documentary This Is The Life, but because the man’s vocal performances are so complex, so steeped in subtle tonal shifts, that his myriad live and studio recordings could and should be cataloged Phil Schaap-style, with a Bird Flight-like chronological overview and accompanying musicological analysis.

Once you understand that, you can begin to appreciate why it’s so important for the works of longtime Myka 9 acolytes/collaborators like Abstract Rude to be preserved and celebrated; and moreover, why it’s so impressive that geniuses like these continue to make groundbreaking music that probably won’t be adequately understood until future generations come to hear it. For example:

This is the album Kendrick Lamar wants to make but can’t.

• Abstract Rude: http://www.abstractrude.com
• Myka 9: http://www.myka9.com
• Keep The Feel Entertainment: https://www.facebook.com/keepthefeel

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