♫♪  Abyss X - Razor

A friend was telling me recently about how, for the first 10 years or so of their lives, her parents were very strict about consuming anything with refined sugar, additives, etc. As her parents began to breakup, though, this intention became less of a preoccupation for them, and eventually my friend’s diet was taken up completely by all the junk foods that they had been kept away from during childhood — candy and soda and toaster pastries and cereal, everything filler and with high fructose. As these things go, the switchover was made more dramatic by the sense of making up for lost time, catching up on all the previously secret unhealthy and heavenly delights.

This came to mind when listening to “Razor,” from Abyss X’s upcoming record Mouthed, out next Friday, September 30 on Halcyon Veil. The track captures that feeling of repression followed by overload, stability interrupted by sudden and extreme stimulation. Ingest below:

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