♫♪  Action Bronson - “Easy Rider”

Welcome back to cartoon rap: guffaws, absurdity, excess, and braggadocio all in one spot. I mean, it’s a goddamn Action Bronson song, so you know his tanning game is covered, who he’s been fucking is covered, what he’s been wearing, smoking, driving, thinking, and eating are all covered. And Party Supplies provides the beat, so you know you’re in for something that cruises like an ice cream truck with no discern for selling anything. It all makes sense, and it doesn’t. Like a Chia Pet.

“Easy Rider” is the first single off the upcoming “Mr. Wonderful,” release date to be determined. It’s still him, and apparently Bam Bam’s still in the motherfucking building. COOL!!!

• Action Bronson: http://www.actionbronson.com

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