♫♪  Adamn Killa - Back 2 Ballin The Mixtape

We’ve got plenty of mumble/warble rap flooding our ear canals at the moment, some the broad church of TMT has reckoned to be good (Lil Yachty, Young Thug, Makonnen), and others considered hot trash (Yung Lean). If you’re asking this writer, tho, I actually kinda liked Warlord, and greatly enjoyed the others. There’s something about this music that’s difficult to shake; it could be the sound, the aesthetic, the memes, the general sense of internet impermanence, or perhaps some weird amalgamation of all of the above, but whatever it is, I digs it. Adamn Killa taps into that same headspace on Back 2 Ballin The Mixtape mixtape, accruing beats from Soundcloud Superstars™ Blank Body, Shlomoh, hnrk, DJ Smokey etc., and lacing them with his languid flow, “A-dayum” ad-libs deployed passim and lyrics that occasionally require a double-take (“poo-poo / doo-doo / …toodles”?!). In black-and-white, it sounds like pretty standard fare – then again, like the best mumblers out there, Adamn has an ineffable listen-/like-ability about him to encourage at least one spin of this thing. Ride that warble wave!

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