♫♪  Adrian Knight - Routine Job (Dig That Treasure! Sessions vol. 1)

By the way, Adrian Knight put out the best album of 2014 (perhaps contrary to popular belief). A member of Blue Jazz TV and recent cohorts with NY jazz cassette tycoon David Lackner, Knight threw down some of the sexiest 90s sitcom theme tunes I’ve ever heard for his latest solo album, all while casting himself a delusional noir protagonist navigating the failure-ridden waters of the elusive women throughout his life. Here we have a quick follow up, a new Bandcamp release that has an oldie, a newbie, a forthcoming-bie, and also a couple of reworks from the stellar Pictures of Lindsey cassette, previously aforementioned in this post. Of particular note here: “Scaring All the Girls Away,” when performed as a solo guitar + vocal piece, really underscores how sad that song actually is, previously wrapped up in some self-ridicule when drenched in the spangly schmaltz of synthesizers for its inclusion as the ultimate track of Pictures. I plucked the self-cover out for you special below, part of a larger release from the UK blog Dig That Treasure!’s digital label that is free for download. Oh, and Pictures of Lindsey is still available in multiple formats over at Galtta Media.

• Adrian Knight: http://www.adrian-knight.com
• Dig That Treasure!: http://www.digthattreasure.blogspot.co.uk

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