♫♪  Brian Eno & Kevin Shields - “Only Once Away My Son”

Two masterminds of sound, both massive and microscopic, Brian Eno and Kevin Shields have released a new track through the Adult Swim Singles program, which is worthy of a seat within the pantheon of drone, “Only Once Away My Son.”

Spanning nine minutes, this huge piece beautifully blends intricate bells and chimes over Kevin Shields’ signature wall of sound. Each play reveals new details, which is a trademark of the pair. It’s an intense real-time juxtaposition of bellowing noise and petite brushstrokes, creating what may be the sound of an event horizon.

For the cheap headphones in the middle of the night; for pristine recording studios in upstate New York; for the afternoons on the water; for the gentle onset of love; for the lasting wounds of heartbreak; for the death of a close one; for the birth of a child; for the informational overload of the twenty-first century; for background music; for empty church pews on a Tuesday afternoon; for morning meditation; for sunrise and set, “Only Once Away My Sun” is an unparalleled additive.

The collaboration can be streamed on Adult Swim’s Soundcloud:

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