♫♪  Advaeta - “Angelfish”

I’ve visited Brooklyn many times, but I can’t quite conceive of what it’s like to live there. Like actually wake up, smoke a cigarette on the fire escape, and head down into the garbage covered streets to make the money required to breathe. I imagine mustached dudes lingering out there on the sidewalk or in the cafe with laptops tucked under their arms, ready to bust out a DJ set or a session of minimal techno at a moment’s notice. I imagine pigeons. I imagine that most people you meet have some kind of project. Maybe it’s kinda cool that way. Maybe kinda exasperating.

Somewhere in Brooklyn, human beings are making rock music. Groups of more than two people gather together with amps, guitars, and drums, and play them at loud volumes. It’s fun. Elderly neighbors hear these sounds blaring from a barred basement window and think something along the lines of “Kids will be kids” as their feet tap. At the show, a crowd shows up, and they are prepared to actually move their bodies. They are eager to lose control. Later, when they find the control again, they walk down the garbage covered streets back to their fire escapes and smoke their final cigarettes of the evening. I can get behind this lifestyle.

Listen to Advaeta’s “Angelfish,” our first taste of their forthcoming LP Death and the Internet (due April 28 on Fire Talk), and imagine three women shredding a few feet in front of your face as your hair and arms flail in time. Sara Fantry and Amanda Salane (aka Reversus) pour sheets of scuzz from their guitars, laying thick-toned leads over distorted chord progressions that churn in a shoegaze haze through the back of the mix. Lani Combier-Kapel’s ride cymbal taps and snare rolls surge as wordless harmonies air against cascading lead vocal lines. Guitar solos sound out over delay trails. Somewhere in Brooklyn, heads bang.

• Advaeta: https://advaeta.bandcamp.com
• Fire Talk: http://firetalkrecs.com

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