Wham City’s Adventure (a.k.a. Benny Boeldt) is set to release The Lesser Known on March 22 via Carpark (TMT News). And since Wham City rules (TMT Comics), Carpark is awesome (TMT Link), and you like to do what we say (TMT Review), you should listen to “Rio” above and seriously consider including Adventure in your life. Hey, you could even catch Adventure live (TMT News). Some quotes:

“YES, YES! I’m really totally completely excited for the new Adventure album!” —Jerry Mensch, a Wham City fanatic

“Can’t wait to see Adventure live. I hear it can be a transcendent musical experience, where your soul rips apart from your body and it, you know, floats around and shit.” —Sally Johnson, random person off the street

“I’m positive I’ll listen to this album as soon as it drops!” —an acclaimed Pitchfork writer (or maybe some writer from AOL’s Spinner)

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