♫♪  Aethers Spring - Water: Esper

Drifting all the way in from Copenhagen comes a smooth signal somewhere between a barren icy tundra and a garden slowly unfurling from your living room. Aethers Spring, a mysterious entity that as of now exists largely as a visual narrative poem, hasn’t put out a whole ton of music under the moniker yet, but the stuff that’s out there is definitely enough to get one seeing things. WATER: Esper takes an earthy approach to loungy techno, slowly phasing between icy, cybernetic tones that might suggest the unforgiving landscapes of Metroid Prime were it not so effortlessly easy to sink in and get comfy with it (the first track especially seems to get darker and darker with looming bass before suddenly evaporating into thin air). It all sounds like something that those weird half-plant half-human sculptures from last year’s Annihilation adaptation might throw on when Friday night in Area X rolls around.

WATER: Esper by Aethers Spring is out now, so head on over to their Bandcamp page and get your dissipation on:

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