♫♪  AF85​ & Bianca Scout - AF85​/​Bianca Scout Split

TT was one of my favorite labels this year. From changing my life with object blue’s first EP, and heralding other debuts from new voices such as Lucaufer, their work felt intentional, measured, and specific sans prescription. They’re closing out the year with a trio of new releases that you can hear on their Bandcamp page, but the one that’s got me is a new split from Londonders AF85 and Bianca Scout.

AF85 has been making emotive, surging ambient pieces for the past few years but here their tracks feel more ephemeral and noncommittal, as in, freeing up some mental or emotional space. They pass by on a continuum of silence; brief instances that hit you with their full force much later.

Bianca Scout’s reverberating and vaguely poppy compositions have a similar cut-and-paste feeling to Klein, which makes sense, as the two of them have collaborated in the past. She presents a psychic map of the present, therefore, the future: hand-drawn, scribbled, not-to-scale.

Rather than reaching out, they each reach somewhere inside to extract songs unable to be fully known. Songs like intimate portraits, a bit hazy as the hand that holds the camera loosens its wrist. Flashes of streetlights. Candles burning down and down for someone.

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