♫♪  AIDS Wolf - “Please Hold the Line”

“Please Hold the Line” is the feeling I get while waiting for Time Warner to transfer my call to somebody in India, who don’t know good American-English or culture, aiming to explain — through shit reception — how to fix my internet connection. Because of the digital age, I can only imagine the vice versa of this pictographic scenario happening internationally due to the reality of the internet. Thus, my life begs for boring avant-garde. And ceiling tits.

Yeah-yeah, “Please Hold the Line” is more like your niece trying to make music. But is your niece’s next album release party taking place at Musée d’art contemporain de Montréal? Because AIDS Wolf’s premier of their new double LP Ma vie banale avant-garde will be (the album’s out October 4 on Lovepump United). They’ll also perform in “eye-popping” 3D images, what? So, if you’re into collecting eye-goop, buy a ticket to Canada and the show.

• AIDS Wolf: http://aidswolf.net
• Lovepump United: http://www.lpurecords.com

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