♫♪  Aim Low - Foulards [EP stream]

The music of Montreal’s Aim Low has its basis in the reflexive appropriation of what came to be the more or less standard equipment utilized within the shoegaze subgenre; the trio isn’t as much interested in emulating past forms and compositions as it is in the cunning and selectively resourceful re-appropriation and arrangement of effects pedals, noise, distortion, and whatnot, seemingly with the intent of sonically recreating the sensation of the sublime, in its purest — and most terrible — Burkeian/Kantian iteration.

Their Foulards EP was released some time back, but it was just too good to pass up, and it more than merits a mere single listen after all this time — high praise these days. Second track, “Black Molasses,” consists of 12 minutes of ominous sonic subjugation, liberating and rendering the listener insignificant in its wake at the same time.

Download the whole thing for free, here.

• Aim Low: http://aimlow.bandcamp.com

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