♫♪  Akeedro - FLOW JAMS

boom shaka laka

I bought my current car for $500 off my friend’s uncle, Joint. The car’s all beat up and rusty, and the rear driver side door doesn’t shut very well; you really have to slam it for it to stick. Truthfully, the whole thing looks like it could fall apart if a leaf fell on it. The main reason I bought it, though, is because it has a tape deck. Pretty stupid of me, but whatever. Well, the minute I pulled into my driveway after purchasing old goldy, I walked inside, grabbed a tape, and popped it in. Immediately it jammed. Couldn’t get it out. I had to eventually pry it loose with needle nose pliers. Luckily, the tape was unaffected.

It’s releases like Akeedro’s FLOW JAMS that make me longingly stare at my busted deck, dreaming of thick drums and earworm loops. Alas, it’s not to be. I guess I’ll stay inside and keep flipping FLOW JAMS.

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