Albino Deers
Albino Deers

Albino animals are unbelievably adorable. This is, of course, with the exceptions of both snakes, which tend to look even more sinister than usual, and crocodiles, which are uniformly terrifying. But Albino Deers chose their name wisely. Much like those shy, springy animals, their collection of musical vignettes is enigmatic and fleetingly beautiful. Driven by muted orchestral arrangements and analogue crackles, Albino Deers build emotional harmonies and thrilling crescendos that most ambient music would shy away from.

Carpi Records have only given us a glimpse into this gorgeous, snowy landscape via their Bandcamp portal. However, if you’re one of the lucky 20 (!), you can get your horribly greasy mitts on a good solid cassette of the stuff.

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