Alex Cobb
“Rain At The Fete” (excerpt)

Frame-by-frame my memory recalls Jeriah and Jackie’s wedding of ‘07. “Nah, the weather will never get that bad. Forecast says the clouds will even be missing us,” I remember Jeriah explaining why they’ve no canopy while feeling the first drop of water on my head under a darkening sky. And as I had imagined at the time everyone running away, everyone just-so-happened to have brought their umbrellas, and are guarding them and their loved ones from getting damp; the best man is the only one getting wet, as he holds two umbrellas for the bride, groom, and officiator. The rain is loud, there’s a bit of a rumble in the clouds, but the initiation is fairly audible. Sun light continues to appear and disappear, beaming upon the ceremony and audience members. I can even here a few people crying and whispers of, “She’s beautiful.” But everyone exclaims in joy as they kiss, and clapping becomes louder than the umbrellas that haven’t been dropped.

Alex Cobb gives us a glint of his newest LP Marigold And Cable through an excerpt of “Rain At The Fete.” As head fellah of Students of Decay, Alex Cobb has a good background on trailing and droning sounds. New LP Marigold And Cable is limited to 500 copies, was mastered by James Plotkin, and the first 100 copies include a chapbook of poetry written specifically for the record by Peter Gizzi. Pre-order here and get a taste of “Rain At The Fete” streaming below:

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