♫♪  Alfie Casanova - NATURAL/Love Patron EP

Fright House’s second release comes shortly after DOKO’s SO FETCH, which we recently wrote up in Chocolate Grinder. Alfie Casanova has an interest in celebrity and high pitched voices like DOKO, but instead chooses to mess with fka Twigs and QT, two artists who have different sounds but are both electronics musicians with forward-thinking fashion senses and an interest in the development of a performative persona, an art usually reserved for pop stars. On “Love Patron” Casanova speeds up Twigs’ croons and deletes all the brooding, dark energy of the original production to create a synth filled utopia that feels like a nightclub in Kirby’s Dream Land. Then on “NATURAL” QT’s energy drink testimonials pair with a kickdrum and a hip-hop(?) beat that turn the natural drink into something more akin to Mountain Dew. Casanova connects two artists who are creating an image for themselves that plays on the tropes they’re supposed to be but always complicate said tropes, and this EP further complicates them by placing Twigs in an environment that is probably better for QT to live in, and vice-versa. Casanova proves how malleable this post-PC Music genre can be.

• Alfie Casanova: https://soundcloud.com/alfie-casanova
• Fright House: https://soundcloud.com/fright-house-records

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