♫♪  Alfred English - Æ

Alfred English’s music is the polar opposite of a coffee shop tinder date. I’ve never been on one, but the couple next to me refuse to move any extremity outside of the ever descriptive ah-shit-what-do-I-do-with-my-hands conversation stamp. It’s totally natural to judge everyone in a coffee shop well knowing you’re a mirror image of whatever is around, right? Shit naw, Æ EP is hitting these $4 gas station headphones like a file too large to attach. What do these affluent greyscale-wearing mid-20s and 30s dudes know anything about this 1017 Thug sample? Dead eyes are 20-fucking-14 and Das Racist is making an LSD Comeback. Man, do these cats even get what’s going on around them? REAL MUSIC. REAL FEELING. REAL TEXTTONES. I bet you not even six of these kids have Googled “Rooster In My Rari” before. That guy totally brought that fancy sparkling water here to contrast that sweater. 420% ABV4LIFE dude let’s goooooooooooooooooo.

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