♫♪  Alma - “untitled3”

Lately, guitar music has been, I hate to say it, striking chords with me. Whether electric, acoustic, finger picky, sludgy, rhythm and bluesy, blousy, bedroom-y, or meme-y, as in the WalMart boy sending me to Hank Williams’s “Lovesick Blues” for an entire afternoon, I’m having a time.

From her latest tape Tearful Lagoon, released by her own PINK QUEENDOM label, Alma strums and croons on “untitled3” kind of like yyu or Grouper—all drenched in reverb and love sickness and melancholy and fine mists falling from so-grey-they’re-blue skies.

Join me on this journey whichever way you’d like and head here to get the cassette.

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