♫♪  Alphabets - “oceangun”

This treepunk shit is chaining itself up, ain’t it? I mean, totally in a good way. It’s super jovial and serious-mustache-face all at once. Like how T-buggs blends cute pop with grime. Are Alphabets leading a new craze? Hopefully not. Hopefully they can solely make it they’s own thing. For awhile now, I’ve had this idea that modern literature is defined in and of itself. Thus, something is only considered literature if it has to be adapted into another form of art, opposed to just copy and pasting. Maybe. But this applies to music too. Lil B got his corner of hip-hop. Lieven is poppin’ off his own style of field recording. Alex be drippin’ them mixes. Alphabets, please keep it leafy and punky in a fashion that nobody will dare try repeating, please.

• Alphabets: http://alphabets.bandcamp.com

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