♫♪  Amun Dragoon - “spooky elevator” (feat. madalyn merkey)

Friday is goin’ DOWN!!!!!!!!! And I’m thinking of it in terms of velocity via “spooky elevator.” Okay, maybe it’s NOT going down, and tonight you’re taking Grams to the local Greek fall-festival, do the ferris wheel, hit up the rummage tent, grip some scrill at the gambling tent, shitty food, etc. So, I’d say this “spooky elevator” by Amun Dragoon, featuring the wonderful Madalyn Merkey, is about at the right speed of drop. TBH, I’ll probably eat some shit-food tonight that looks like the creature in this post’s picture.

Now, TMT has repp’d Amun Dragoon, but the same goes for Madalyn Merkey. Combined, the two sound like they’re producing in a glass box echoing their distinct blends of gently slow robotic melt that brings ghosts to life and banshies to whisper in the “spooky elevator.” Sounds and production never sounded so vibrantly calm for the haunted motion. Will you meet ‘em all in the spa below?

• Amun Dragoon: https://soundcloud.com/amun-dragoon
• Madalyn Merkey: http://crossseeing.info

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