Amun Dragoon
Unlimited Dream Company

Amun Dragoon, who we admittedly know next to nothing about, has taken to SoundCloud to release Unlimited Dream Company, a 14-track dream simulation that swims its way through synthetic pop (“Secret Highway”), breathy new age (“SIMULATION PROJECT 1, ツキハナ「MOONFLOWER」”), and demented appropriations (“MEMORY INVOKE 059”), with a couple unexpected twists along the way (“JADE PASSAGEWAY”). The album is Amun’s envisaged future in which environmental love songs meet space-age broadband pop in a new age/new world data stream straight from Christmas Island, drifting in and out of clarity, shifting from one dimension to the next, exploring ways to achieve different levels of consciousness through the therapeutic yet sometimes ominous tones of 2108 A.D. This is what your dreams will sound like packaged up and sold back to you by a corporate entity. Depressing, yes, but exquisitely manufactured to satiate your every commodified whim and marketable desire.

Listen to Unlimited Dream Company below. For an artist who seems to exist only on SoundCloud, this is some pretty impressive stuff.

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