♫♪  ancient origin - “♥⛧♥ flying over the harbor ♥⛧♥”


+1:06 to 2:08+

That’s the stuff right there. Bury me with a few minor chords banged out on a digital keyboard. Anoint me with some IDM breaks so gratuitously fast/dense/syncopated that they’re a liquid presence, their flow as incidental as time itself. ancient Keep the runoff in canopic jars. ancient origin, torch in hand, followed in single-file by the Able Sisters, sidesteps booby traps en route to the grave robbery. Led to my tomb by his own Juke rhythms, the Boston-based producer orders their team of crafty hedgehogs to gather as many treasures as they can wrap their un-opposable paws around. In the meantime, ancient origin parts gauze and raises the flare to my decomposing face, but does not flinch. Though my eyeballs have long since putrefied, our respective sockets meet — we communicate our shared artistic vision, and my spirit gives its blessing. My sonic viscera travels to Massachusetts, where it’s cobbled together into the beat I’m bumping today: a whirlpool that orbits on its own axis, violently revolving but never leaving its point on the water’s plane. Crazy how it works out, huh?

+0:00 to 0:42+

INVENTORY (in order of acquisition)
(a)Coin-op coin-grab sfx (b)Four-on-the-floor kick drum sans distortion (c)Hubba bubba bubble pop synth on the 2 and 4 beats [occasionally rolled] (d)Hi-hat teeth zipped and unzipped like a fly in the bathroom stall (e)Breathy keyboard chord progression that fleshes out (a)’s melody (f)Cymbal splashes

+3:07 to 3:25+

I just love the squelchy lead synth here. Were the texture slightly coarser, the melody’d be a little too grave — too solemn — to worm its way into ancient origins’ production. Luckily, the tone’s rubbery enough to pass as the squeal of a balloon blown to life, and it feels celebratory enough to defy its compositional quality. The detuned piano that pricks holes in the tune’s inflated latter half gets me every time: “♥⛧♥ flying over the harbor ♥⛧♥” is an example of contrast and dissonance employed to subtle perfection. If you’re digging it, why not head on over to The Worst Label’s Bandcamp page and d/l the whole record, titled ♫♥⛧ sew ⛧♥♫? What have you got to lose?


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