♫♪  Andrea Taeggi - Noméri—Tere

A piano deconstructed to a re-tuned soundboard and its strings; a piano played with mallets, nails, bows, ebows; a piano on its elbows; a piano in parts becomes a piano apart; Andrea Taeggi plucks, prods, hits, hammers at an open heart.

Taeggi allows the piano to be freakish performer rather than a performative space. The sounds he babbles forth blow far past the expected into the realms of “Western contemporary classical music, southern Indian Karnatic music, free improvisation, just intonation, musique concrète, foley, synths and bass music,” so writes Swiss label Präsens Editionen who will release Noméri—Tere on April 27.

There are bits like ragas, there are bits like drum circles, there are bits like chants, there are bits like little lies. There is an unending desire in me to see this performed live.

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