♫♪  Andy Boay - In The Light

When I heard Andy Boay was releasing an album called In the Light, I figured I was gonna get some Zepp in my life. Was really #PRAYING for that end jam to pop up somewhere. Oh, well. Guess this’ll do. Actually, this will really do. And In the Light is kinda Zepp-y, after all. But it’s also characteristically Beach Boys-y and Doo-wop-y. Noisy and hyper, too. So many things combining together in one place. Definitely fucked and freaked and free. True to the past, but still progressive. A celebration of impermanence in endlessness. Frightened positivity. Strayed homestyle. Sacred exploration. Take ‘em to church, AB!

Recently birthed into the physical world (fuck you internet!), copies of In the Light are still obtainable, so all you good little consumers can go ahead and fill that 4” x 3” hole in your lives. And if your feeling especially consumptive and greedy, Andy’s brothery-united rock and/or roll band Tonstartssbandht just released some jazz too (streaming here and here). Check it all out! I dare you!

• Andy Boay: http://andyboay.bandcamp.com

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