♫♪  Anenon - “Karma”

So nasty!! Fuck what you can hear. How does this music breathe with you? ‘Cause I feel like if there were music I needed to get my blood flowing while remaining in a pretty mellow mood, it’d be Anenon’s “Karma.” Especially when I’m at fashion gatherings — I mean shows in NYC/BK — I feel like I’d be set right at ease listening to Anenon live. Which is why I already pre-ordered me a copy of his newest LP Sagrada to blast out and echo across the NYC skyline. Should be appropriate, considering Anenon (a.k.a. Brian Allen Simon) owns the label Non Projects, and the LP’s release date is September 24, which is just in time for the perfect season in the city! People are hardly OUT. It’s chilly/brisk and nothing is sticking to you. Just bring around your portable LP suitcase and start spinning Sagrada as soon as you get it! If I hear you playing it, I’ll knock on your door and invite you for a vape or two!

• Anenon: http://brianallensimon.com
• Non Projects: http://www.nonprojects.net

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