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Hong Kong’s Absurd TRAX collective has assembled a dedicatory release of songs by late member Anna, who passed away earlier this year.

s/t presents completed and unfinished hip hop and singer-songwriter guitar tracks that, in any state, completely capture Anna’s impish humor, humbling confidence, and the raw sincerity of her creative voice.

Her relaxed rap verses, as obsess-able as Leikeli47’s, are often paired with derivative trap beats, the most addictive of which may be the blissfully sluggish “未返工壞iphone”. Her guitar songs very much feel like a direct translation of Anna strumming away in her room, in bed, spontaneously and energetically, singing from lines scribbled in a journal.

A tender live recording, “Untitled (LIVE)”, gives us some insight into Anna the performer. Wonderfully, two-thirds of the song is just her speaking to the audience, who erupt in cheers and laughter throughout. She sounds funny and fierce and free from inhibition. She shouts, she trills. Her energy undeniably comes through.

Feeling incredibly grateful for the label’s work and lucky to be able to hear these recordings.

<3 RIP Anna 1994-2018 <3

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