This is blunted glee. This is drums so compressed that ripples of sound last the length of a fly’s sneeze. This is frozen Go-Gurt melting in the sun as a dog licks it up. This is that dream where you keep walking in circles, but the scenery is so engrossing and fresh that it doesn’t matter the route. This is dunking the fuck out of a basketball on a lowered rim. This is a rhinestone cutting glass. This is that 2012 shit, when SP-404s and Microkorgs got maxed out and helped push the lo-fi beat scene into a brief but beautiful period of creative explosion. Or, in the words/symbols of aNTOJE, this is:

┌∩┐(T__T)┌∩┐ LO-FI BASS MUSIC ┌∩┐(T__T)┌∩┐

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