Antoni Maiovvi
“Rituals Of Lust”

In his review of last year’s Xander Harris LP, Urban Gothic, Rowan Savage of this parish wrote: “Italo disco and spacesynth originally drew on a sci-fi imaginary, while ‘horror disco’ was confined to moments like Fright Night… [but] we see in their contemporary audi-recreation the recombination of the sonic aesthetics of the unimaginable exterior (‘space’) with visions of the visceral interior made manifest through the frame of the wound.” He then received his third PhD in Cleverology and went back into training for this year’s brainlympics in Chess City, Kalmykia, where he is considered a rank outsider in the face of stifling competition from Chinese and Russian professors of Otherness. We wish him the best of luck, and if he — or you, for that matter, dear reader — fancy a soundtrack to overcoming overwhelming odds, something to play on your portable media player of choice while Glass Bead Gaming your boobs/moobs off, then you could do worse than check out this little gem from Bristolian Anton Caligula Maiof’s new Giallo Disco label — a SPLATALO explosion of guts and glitter, a proper, grown-up fingerwag at the nobody-calls-it-witch-house biscuit thief pretenders.

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