♫♪  Antti Tolvi, Lieven Martens Moana - Tolvi Moana

Edições CN puts out wonderfully floaty music. Most of it is comprised by the levitating man himself, Lieven Martens Moana (a.k.a. Dolphins Into The Future), but there have also been deep compilations and splits featuring Ada Van Hoorebeke, Steve Marreyt, Wietske Van Gils, Moemlien, Orphan Fairytale, and Francesco Cavaliere. Antti Tolvi just made the list with his hovering sounds in the label’s newest split, Tolvi Moana. As there’re only the sample below for your listening pleasure, immediately, the entirety of Tolvi Moana is beyond the space in between, y’all. Like, there’s such careful measurements made on both sides of this masterpiece that the sonics rising and falling between each listenable set of tones or recordings unveil dimensions through portals inviting transversion of self. Feel that trickling down your spine? It’s because the molecules within are changing shape and advancing your super-human being.

I’m not fucking with you: Tolvi Moana is evolutionary for human listening. So it’s no DOUBT that Belgium home-boii Lieven Martens Moana and Finland OG Antti Tolvi on that progressive schematic. Could you imagine what the blue print looks like? Well, apparently there’s a copy hand-drawn by Wietske Van Gils inside the j-card! Says only three left on my Bandcamp right now, so let’s be peaceful about it all until the second edition comes out. But if you actually miss out on Tolvi Moana, just relax and flop on another of one of either artists’ works, and time and space will tend to figure itself out.

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