♫♪  Apartment Fox - “Traded Structures”

In case you haven’t been keeping track, I am a big fan of Seattle’s MOTOR Records (recent proof can be found here and here). The trio of new releases is now complete with PDX techno head Alex Neerman’s Apartment Fox project. Traded Structures goes for the jugular, with a quartet of deep, crisp, and faded electronic excursions. The four tunes are pristine, but for the real “heads only” experience, you’d be wise to pick up the vinyl. MOTOR has always had a solid packaging aesthetic, but with this new design, courtesy of Aashish Gadani of Seattle’s Coldbrew Collective, we’ve now approached MOTOR 2.0, and it feels so good to be here :)

Traded Structures is out now and available in digital and vinyl versions here.

• Apartment Fox: https://soundcloud.com/alexox
• MOTOR Records: http://www.motorcollective.com

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