♫♪  Aristocrat P. Child - “We’re Gonna Make It”

Shake your head “no” or to the music; I can’t see you. C’mon, all these psychedelic sounds are just about lettin’ loose. Liquify to Aristocrat P. Child and feel them new disco zones. Let it sizzle your serotonin. All courtesy of Cameron Stallones, who we all fall prey to #submission.

There’s a plethora of possibilities to chose from while pumping “We’re Gonna Make It.” For example, you can hustle bop, share sherbert, sunglass, break down, holla attcha boi, funk-fuck, go below 15 mph, um — wear pink, etc. Once that beat pops ya ears, you can finally get your off on. Oh, yo, and what’s that at the 5:00 mark? Wǝrd has it, Edit Bay is only a few reels away from the Sun Ark horizon: Aristocrat P. Child is the future.

• Sun Ark: http://www.sunaraw.com/sunarkshopzone.html

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