♫♪  Arvo Zylo - Heavenly Sounds in Lo​-​Fidelity: Arvo Plays Ferrante & Teicher

Strap in for this one. Deconstruction like a scrapbook of moldy Ferrante & Teicher LPs picked from milk crates and smoke-yellow shelves, sewn together and laid out flat for ears to soak. The mix bounces back and forth with vertigo sway at times. Locked and falling. A bit blown out here and there. Completely robbed of original sweetness then and now. Hiss and pop aren’t cleaned up either. Rather, gleaned and looped. Layers upon caked and crusted layers toying with repetition and chaos, morphing into brontosaurus heights of reversal and stretching. A smidge of effects. Then completely doused. Arlo treating Ferrante & Teicher like wet clay, maneuvering the past into future past. Whole compositions transformed into blizzards. Others picked at like bones by beaks.

Grab a copy of the massive, outstanding double cassette directly from Personal Archives, and listen below.

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