♫♪  Asio otus - Visible

In the convention of OPN’s R+7, Asio otus swerves thru hyper-mazes to assemble different furniture ecologies that suggest the dichotomy between calm & frenzied. Both moods interact with each other concomitantly; perhaps the current in-style mode of 2016. Ambient MIDI peppered by percussive glitches, timbres insinuating an ambient economy. & moreover, the timbres, all of them together, melt and blend each space into a oneness, kind of like how we experience spaces throughout the day. Like a red door to a black door. An open window, a windowsill, open air. Street, trash, sewer entrance. Mixtures, mixes, watercolors, hybrids. Bach, out of his shell. Post-Baroque internet abstraction.

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