♫♪  Astrobrite - DELUXER

Chicago shoegaze OG Scott Cortez has returned with his first Astrobrite album since 2012’s All the Stars Will Fail. In the works for some time now, the album was apparently plagued by mixing issues but has finally arrived. His Bandcamp page lists a release date in May presumably for a physical version. Needless to say, if you like things of this ilk (and if you’ve read TMT for the last eight years you fucking KNOW I do) then take heed and proceed. DELUXER is fresh fresh fresh. If you need a crash course in Cortez’s work a cursory listen to his lovesliescrushing albums Xuvetyn and Bloweyelashwish from the 90s with Melissa Arpin Duimstra or Astrobrite classics Crush and Pinkshinyultrablast (the one this group took their name from) should let you know where he stands.

• Astrobrite: http://astrobrite.bandcamp.com

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