♫♪  Atlantis Morrissey / Millions - Split

Of COURSE Atlantis Morrissey is the product of Jesse DeRosa and Dave Doyen, who specialize in joke names and general humor…

Hey, OK, OK. I just gotta get this info out of…

But why won’t you let me talk about Jess…

Oh, right. Conflict of Tabs Out interest. I got it, OK then I’ll —


Ow, goddammit!

At least I got it out of my system.

Millions, on the flip, ask, “Are You Connected to Yourself?,” and I gotta say, I feel pretty good about answering that in the affirmative. The artist a.k.a. David Suss provides us with cosmic self-help feel-goodery in quantum flickers, electronic twinkles, and blankets of dark matter. Perfect for wrapping yourself in your favorite headphones and blasting into the Inner You. Which is where you’ll realize your true power and purpose.

Like Spider-Man.

Splitsville on Oxtail Recordings.

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