♫♪  Axine M - “Phosphene”

Unrelentingly, “Phosphene” bounces into the air with the dizzy intensity of flailing unstoppably on a trampoline. That frightening thrill of going higher and higher because sometimes it’s too much work to try and ease down. “Phosphene”, or, the world as seen through polypropylene: skins your knees, warps your vision, you can feel it in your teeth.

There is something about this song’s careful rhythmic arrangement that has me caught in pure bliss. All the pieces are crisp without being too clean. I feel as if I am being led into ecstatic dance by an unwavering hand. But the kind that squeezes you back. A 6-minute-long techno track has the potential to lose steam by the end but this one only gets more interesting with time. And time anyway what is time.

Having recently released cassettes on Summer Isle and her own Embalming Lately label, “Phosphene” will be part of a self-released tape, titled Stylish Wallow, out of March 22. Until then I will gladly keep repeating one of my already most-played songs of this year.

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