♫♪   AyGeeTee - Eternity’s Conceit

Behind Eternity’s Conceit lies an endless day job involving infinite initiative. Think about eternal life. You always gotta have a spot some where you can continue to make a “living.” And ain’t nobody want a job forever. But, we submit and join the grind of life. However, AyGeeTee has come to make it much more clear and understandable. As shaman of all things fuck-beat, Ay Gee Tee readies the minds of willing listeners for their continuous uphill journey in the working world. Drawing from wet money, cyberfuck, and bathdub influences, this witch doctor continues to sprinkle inspiration across all the rinse-and-repeat processes.

“Oh, shit, I spilled the water.”
“Neat, you make coffee at your desk?”
“The weather is supposed to be salad.”

Stare at your screen. Crunch them numbers/words. Flesh out reality as though it was meant to be paid for. Eternity’s Conceit is endlessly saturated in AyGeeTee’s keen power to make musical inebriation. Reckno released it digitally, which you can hear below, and on cassette, with art by Jónó Mí Ló, in a limited edition of 50. “The two tracks on this album are AyGeeTee’s longest and most emotional works yet,” so grip NOW while they burin’ in the pit!

• AyGeeTee: https://soundcloud.com/agt01
• Reckno: http://reckno.bandcamp.com

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