♫♪  Azealia Banks - “Nathan” ft. Styles P

Just which Nathan that Azealia Banks is talking about in this new, skittery track is a mystery. Is it the biblical prophet Nathan? Nathan Lane? Nathan’s Famous? All titular ambiguity aside, the fire-spitting up-and-comer from Harlem continues to deliver: over a thumping beat and restless synths, Banks insists that her haters “don’t want no drama,” growing more and more insistent until, finally, the track explodes in a ball of dance-floor fury. There’s also a quick verse from Styles P and lyrics about spreading “leg mustard.” If you didn’t get the message in “212,” I’ll remind you again: don’t mess with Banks if you aren’t ready for an earful of venom.

• Azealia Banks: http://www.azealiabanks.com

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