♫♪  AZN girl - “Whistle (REMIX - AZN Girl LIMITED EDITION*)”

“I went on tour with Beyonce before. I wouldn’t mind doing something with her.”
– Flo Rida

We should be talking about Migos’ new mixtape and how “Jumpin Like Jordan” will always be the most important track of their career, but naw, AZN girl needs our undivided attention. A featured guest on UNHOLYRHYTHMS’s ongoing EMOJINAL mixtape series, AZN girl falls somewhere between skate-station trance and blatant hardstyle, crafting glitzy edits of pop songs to the point of absolute absurdity. This is music I imagine Twitter porn bots are all hyped about and will listen exclusively to.


• AZN girl: https://soundcloud.com/azn-girl

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