♫♪  Babyfather - “Bubble”

Since our fearless leader is maxed-out on Babyfather — considering all these tracks keep getting deleted and NOBODY can find Queen of Camden — “bubble” pops in featuring unsolicited Mary J. Blige samples with DJ Escrow feeling it as a DJ first, but MCing on the side. What else is there? Have y’all been listening to BBF Hosted by DJ Escrow? It’s like, I’ve actual repeat tracks for times of my weekday and sporadic weekends. “Shook” for when I’m a lil lit and driving down the street. “Motivation” prior to interviews. “Meditation” between work and picking up wifey.

Now, I can add “bubble” to that morning grind. Feel the filter Babyfather laxes out with synths. Get jacked on Mary J. Blige’s inspiring voice. Turn’t on them random Babyfather sounds. You can create a moment too:

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