♫♪  Backtearer & Why Be - “dc”

Always the person I almost am. In my ontic space-time timeline of myself, I am in this room right now and this is my life. A window, a mixtape of ambient tones: harps and pianos, back-alley trumpets and reverb-heavy guitars. A sudden affability for large spaces and the position of the stars after all the city smog and club trax comes into being. I like this feeling. A lot. The spatial vastness allows complexity to build. Just like how I always expected it. As if I’m at the book fair again, or the airport, and it’s early. Waking to what I almost forgot. Anew to a closeness. Temptation to flicker away, as rocks rattle. Rhythm as sediment, once there. These in-between moments that make me wander, during the music, and even after.

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