♫♪  Ballerine Nadiya - S/T

SONGS! I forgot about songs! Thankfully, Ballerine Nadiya has extinguished that foolishness with her new self-titled cassette on Singapore Sling. I should really send her some sort of thank you present, ‘cause I was in need of a break from all the beat/noise/collage thangs that’ve been in my listening rotation. Ew, she’s got lyrics, too! Remember those? Was needing some words. [Editor’s Note: LAWLZZZZ, Bort is too fresh!]

Along with her grainy vox, a Casiotone is Ballerine Nadiya’s instrument of choice, helping unleash her pieces-of-mind. Thrown back against a wall of established sounds (which somehow have never really become trite), the angst and frustration of love-living pours through her voice and keyboard. But so does the sweetness and buoyancy of said situation. If you’re alive and not an asshole, you’ll be in familiar territory once you press play.

50 of these pups exists on this Earth, so grip one while you still can, that way you can hold it in your hand and "feel closer" to Ballerine Nadiya. Otherwise, stream below, and feel alone.

• Ballerine Nadiya: https://myspace.com/ballerinenadiya
• Singapore Sling Tapes: http://www.singaporesling.grrrbzzz.com

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