♫♪  Barker - Debiasing

When all the controls fail and the craft starts plumitting 9.8 m/s squared, you can’t lose your cool. Don’t grab your shirt and wipe off the brow sweat. Blink fast instead, two hands are necessary for this procedure. White knuckle it. Remember the training. God, the training. Day after day after day, eventually you start to forget why you’re training. Okay. Okay.

Auto-pilot off.

Don’t panic. You’re going down faster every second. The sounds of your craft getting ripped apart by gravity’s hand is normal. Normal, right?

Emergency sequence on.

Pull up. Pull up.

Now, for the bizzare part. Take a milisecond and look around. You’re seeing something that no one else has. Space collapsing behind you and the entire population of Earth waiting to greet you. The debris of a billion dollar space craft is drifting off behind you. When this is all over, when the planet you’re hurtling toward is gone that billion dollar garbage will still be floating on. Worthless.

Okay, okay. Enough. Keep it cool. Put some shades on.

Intiate emergency landing procedure.

Ready parachute.

Wait for the timing. Wait. Wait. Annnnndddd


Stream Barker’s debut solo EP for Otsgut Ton below and make sure to pick up a ‘12 on the artist’s Bandcamp while you’re at it.

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