♫♪  Barry Andrewsin Disko - “Lampaita”

So, ye faithful readers of TMT, can you find Rovaniemi and Turku on a map? Well, Barry Andrewsin Disko (the nom de rock of a Mr. Jukka Herva) probably doesn’t know where you live either. Hailing from those Finnish cities, so far he’s released two cassettes and is preparing his first album for release this year on Fonal Records.

And there’s at least two pieces of indisputable evidence in B.A.D.’s favor:

(1) He goes by Mr. Disko.

(2) Rovaniemi, Lapland, Disko’s hometown, is also the official hometown of Santa Claus. Which makes sense if you’ve already listened to “Lampatia,” the track streaming below. While not exactly “Disko,” it does sound like the sort of sad, lilting tune Santa might actually listen to. Consider the big man’s hundreds of years of life, the extent of his travels, his necessary power for empathy. Consider his calloused hands, his unreal craftsmanship, the millions of poverty stricken, distraught abodes he enters year after year. Consider the fortitude required to do it again and again with such single-minded strength and the melancholy wisdom that must be his to keep going on and on and on. I think Disko’s eldritch beauty is right on target. This is the music made when all your life, through good and bad, is spent on Christmas. Happy February!

• Barry Andrewsin Disko: http://soundcloud.com/barry-andrewsin-disko/tracks
• Fonal Records: http://www.fonal.com

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