♫♪  Bars Of Gold - “Blue Lightning”

As though the singer can’t wait to scream his head off, the lyrics in “Blue Lightning” are sung hurriedly. Bars Of Gold are always just about to crescendo, perennially in that heightened state of instrumental suspense similar to a surfer nearing the final collapsing arch of a waving pipeline. But despite how devastating their drummer is, they NEVER wipe out.

This Detroit quintet sets the groove quickly, but shoulders you at precise intervals with a clangor of guitars, keeping you moving/up. The bass, low and brooding, is churning away swiftly and subtly underneath short, thunder-clapping guitars that come to life after the vocal burst of a teasing faux-chorus. Here, in the middle, the jazzy drums kick along a more bluesy guitar statement, while the warm, woozy purr of an organ warbles in, backed by harmonizing female vocals softening the throaty baritone of our lead singer.

Something snaps. The guitars go into these spasms, stirring and stirring, and the words of the lyrics get squeezed together; something is forcing itself out, or pulling ever tighter… Choose your tension. It erupts: “This is for the people who WOOOORRRRRRRRKKK…..OOOONNNNNN Christmas….”

This is for you. Let it out. Let it go. Let it roll. Listen to “Blue Lightning” by Bars Of Gold below, and scope their newest album Wheels on Bellyache Records out this week.

• Bars Of Gold: http://blogsofgold.blogspot.com
• Bellyache Records: http://bellyacherecords.com

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